John Blakney's Home Page

Hi! I'm John Blakney.

Welcome to Visual Database System's home on the Internet. I hope you have a nice stay while visiting our site.

I don't usually have a parrot on my head but it does attract attention away from the glare.

Mathilda, my best doggie friend

This is my dog - Mathilda - she was a cute pup in this photo. She was going to obedience school and ready for graduation the day of the Loma Prieta earthquake. We didn't make it to graduation and that is her excuse for being disobedient - always.

Mathilda, my Australian Shepard

You can hear a 71k .wav audio of Mathilda here.

I have a problem with Disney characters.

I don't like arrogant mice, even those named "Mickey"

John Blakney [email protected]