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Wizard Yachts Ltd.

Home of the Wizard yacht broker, Bill Lee. These aren't dinghy's and they are guaranteed to GO FASTER 'cause we all know that "FAST IS FUN"! One has even been consistently FASTEST!

Diamond Process Applications

Industrial Controls are neat if you need one, otherwise this may not be where you planned to net-surf unless there's a storm out there. However, if you are out of control, Eddie Hague will help you get back on line.

Tim Hague's Photo Store & Travel log

This is a fun place to look at some pretty pictures. One of the most popular areas on our server. See the cute animals and the massive erosion!


Need to stage a happenin' event? Call Thom Hutchinson at Imagicorps. These folks aren't afraid to do the really_big_show. This is a new site so check again for additions.

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