1979 Montgomery 23 Hull 079

I had been interested in finding a M23 for some time.  I was perusing through Latitude 38 and found one in the classified.  I called the owner and immediately went to see her.  I knew these were indeed rare boats and I figured I had better not waste time.  There she was sitting in the yard, uncovered and weathering for 10 years.  It was not a pretty sight.
The hull was covered with algae and debris.  The lines were all black and covered in moss.  The brightwork was badly weathered and again covered in algae.
The interior was covered in mold and cobwebs.  There were piles of dead flies, spiders, and paper and mud wasp nests. The centerboard winch was missing and a hole had been made in the truck to access the top of the centerboard. 
I could however see that the hull was in excellent shape and the interior wood was likewise.  The cushions were also like new.  I could tell it was going to take some work, but she should be a fine vessel when the cleaning was complete.

And then the work began.