Before the mast was raised, we added a Metz VHF antenna with a Davis Windex to the mast head and replaced anchor light globe.
The first step in raising the mast is to bolt the bottom of the mast to the mast step.  Then here we are attaching the boom to the mast.  The topping lift is then attached to the boom end, and the side stablizing cables are attached to the chainplates.
The mainsheet is then attached to the boom and traveler.  We are now ready to go.  My sailing buddy and all round good guy, Harold, gets ready to stabilize the mast as it comes up.
As I start pulling on the mainsheet, the mast starts coming up.  Harold is bored as he has nothing to do.  The mast comes straight up with no swaying to the side.
With the mast raised and adjusted, we are ready for the first launch!