Sources for LaserDisc Mastering and Replication


The familiar silver laserdisc is manufactured in a multi-step process that produces a master stamper. This is used to stamp or cast replicates which are metallized and glued into the familiar two-sided sandwich disc. The mastering and duplication process has numerous precision steps and offers the highest quality but at a higher startup cost than RLV or "one-off" discs.

For moderate to high quantities the replicated discs quickly become less expensive than RLV LaserDiscs. The breakeven point is generally around 6 copies.

The following facilities offer mastering and replication for volume LaserDisc manufacturing. Please contact the individual vendors for more information about their services.

North America

Imation (was 3M)
1425 Parkway Drive
Menomonee, WI 54751
800-328-0252 x 2435

Long Beach, CA

Updated August 10, 1999