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SuperBox II Features

The SuperBox II is designed to work with the Pioneer LD-V4200 command set players -LD-V2200 / 4200 / 8000 or the LD-V2000 depending on the firmware installed.

32 Input Lines.
The SuperBox II accepts 32 separate input lines that are simple momentary contact type closures such as:
  • Switches
  • Pressure Pads
  • Motion Detectors

    16 Output Lines.
    The SuperBox II provides 16 TTL level signals to external devices such as:

  • Relays
  • Automatic Doors
  • Light Dimmers

    Printer Interface.
    An IBM parallel printer interface is provided to control a coupon printer.

    Dual Payer Control
    Control of two videodisc players is standard.

    Touchscreen Interface.
    Touchscreen firmware is available for several different manufacturers.

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