Where to get a LaserDisc Made

When you are ready to have your video converted into a LaserDisc, you must choose between two processes, RLV or "one-off" discs. or conventional replicated discs.

This choice is usually based on the number of copies required. For making a check disc or only a few copies, the RLV discs are the frequent choice, for making 6 or more copies, the conventional replicated disc is the answer but your requirements for speed, quality and so on will determine what is best for your project.


Before completing your master video tape you should know who is going to be doing the manufacturing and you should contact them for specific requirements. If you have never made an interactive videodisc before, ask lots of questions. We are all prepared to help and can prevent some very expensive mistakes.

RLV LaserDisc vendors | Replicated LaserDisc manufacturers.

Updated March 15, 1995